Principal of Mesen Associates, Mr. Mesen is involved with all aspects of the firm's operations. He is a graduate of Robert College, Istanbul Turkey, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Mr. Mesen received his Master of Science in Structural Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Mr. Mesen maintains active registration in seven states including Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Concrete Institute and the Prestressed Concrete Institute.

Affiliated in 1969 with VVKR, a major architectural and engineering firm in Old Town Alexandria, Mr. Mesen became department head in 1976.  During these years Mr. Mesen designed, planned and supervised a wide variety of new and major renovation projects including:  educational facilities, hospitals, health centers, governmental and institutional centers, corporate and commercial projects, office buildings, shopping centers parking garages, facilities for rehabilitation and detention, subways, residential buildings and religious facilities.  These designs incorporated extensive use of computers and a wide variety of structural systems such as: reinforced, prestressed, post-tensioned, precast concrete structures; composite and non-composite rigid and semi-rigid steel structures; wood frames, arches and trusses.

Prior to joining VVKR, Mr. Mesen worked with Airways Engineering Incorporated where he was involved in the structural design and planning of airport terminals, hangars, control towers and airport ancillary structures as well as the design of the U.S. embassy building in Bogota, Columbia.

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